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Jane Chessell, Transformation Coach

About Jane

Jane has a professional background in both science and human resources. Throughout several roles in corporate and small business environments and in her own practice, Jane has learned first-hand how self-awareness, well developed communication and strong relationship building skills are key to both personal success and working effectively with others to achieve key business or professional goals. This understanding is combined with practical knowledge of organisational and problem solving skills and a strong customer service focus, to form the foundation of Jane’s Transformative Coaching work.

In her early career, Jane’s own personal goals and challenges triggered an expanding interest in the areas of human health and behavioural change, healing and the power of the mind. This period initiated a significant shift in Jane’s approach to responsibility for her own happiness, understanding that success is not solely reliant on external circumstances, but that personal beliefs, strength and resources are essential to creating positive change and a fulfilling life. She went on to complete a certification in BodyTalk and then advanced qualifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy. Jane has since turned her extensive experience towards helping others transform personal and organisational challenges you to evolve and grow, achieve goals and create happy and fulfilling lives and businesses.

Focusing foremost on establishing strong and productive client relationships, Jane’s approach to Transformative Coaching provides a secure and supportive environment for working with client’s challenges and goals. Jane coaches both personal and business clients to change the way that they think, behave and experience their lives; learning how to take responsibility for those experiences and draw on their own internal resources to create happier and healthier lives. Jane invites you to explore Transformative Coaching and discover the power to transform the way you live.

Success Coach Sydney

B.AppSc, Master Prac. Hypno., Master Prac. NLP, Master NLP Coach