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Move Better, Feel Better & Stay Free from Pain.

Osteopathic Medicine:

Pro-active management for acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain and injury

We specialise in osteopathic care for acute and chronic neuromusculoskeletal care and pain management. Our approach is pro-active with a focused on education and preventative care to help people become active participants in their own health.


Best-practice care for conditions ranging from osteoarthritis pain, back pain and tension headaches to sports injuries and weight management. Our team also supports patients beyond illness recovery through to dynamic health and high level fitness.


Our team provides osteopathy, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, remedial massage, sports injury treatment, exercise rehabilitation. We’re located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, close to Bondi Junction, Bondi, Randwick, Double Bay and Paddington.

Better Health


We all challenge our health throughout the day; that’s just part of living life to the full. Repetitive strains, overwork, poor sleep,  dietary imbalance, physical over-activity or under-activity, emotional stress, and ageing are all factors that can have a negative impact on your overall well-being. Being free of illness, pain and fatigue is certainly an important part of being healthy. It’s being able to bounce back from these stressors on your own and being able to throw yourself into an active life that means you’re in good health.


If you’re not feeling great almost all of the time, then you could probably be managing your health better. Stepping up to great health means waking refreshed from a restful sleep, having energy even after your longest work days, enjoying greater mental acuity, and recovering quickly from stress and injury. Since good health is much more than simply not having symptoms, we believe that health care should be more than just relieving symptoms. Because you can’t always remove the stressors from your life, we help you find the best ways to deal with it. From better nutrition to more appropriate exercise, our comprehensive view seeks to improve your overall wellness rather than selectively eliminating symptoms.


Good health care starts with education and awareness that is focussed on preventing health problems developing in the first place. Better Health Osteopathic & Integrative Medicine embraces the philosophy that an integrated approach to health care results in a broader view of positive health and greater sense of control and wellness. Our approach to treatment is focused on resolving the underlying causes of your complaint and helping you to manage your own health and stay active. As well as we get to know you and your health, you’ll always know yourself and your body better than anyone, so it’s vital that you gain the knowledge you need to keep feeling great.


Our Bondi Junction osteopaths view the entire body from an integrated systems perspective rather than focusing only at the area of a complaint. By understanding how each of the body systems that may be involved in a condition are interrelated, osteopaths aim to correct the source of the problem and help to optimise physical function and wellbeing. Studies have consistently shown that people report a high level of satisfaction following their osteopathy treatment for pain problems. Read More…


naturopath treats illness with an emphasis on interrelation, integration and a holistic view of good health. Naturopathy starts with the view that the natural state of the human body is one of vigour and health. Any condition that diminishes that state of glowing good health is a potential reason to visit a naturopath. Because it looks at the whole person and not just a constellation of isolated symptoms, naturopathy may help a number of chronic conditions. Read More…

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage uses controlled pressure on deep muscle tissue to help alleviate tension and pain, increase circulation and facilitate recovery after an injury. There are many styles of remedial massage and experienced massage therapists will vary treatment depending on your goals for treatment, your state of health and the massage therapist’s recommendations. There’s almost no wrong time to schedule a massage. Read More…

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