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Pregnancy Massage

Fast relief from pregnancy aches and pains

Pregnancy is a wonderful human experience, but it can also be quite challenging for an expectant mother as she goes through continual hormonal and physical changes. These changes can have a big impact on her emotions and well-being.

Prenatal massage is especially adapted to the sensibility of pregnant women. It can help restore well-being and peace during the 9 months of upheavals and also help with connecting with the baby.

Physical Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Remedial massage brings rest and deep relaxation
• Improves skin tone, brings softness, light and elasticity to the skin
• Prepares and softens the body (skin and muscles) in a gentle way
• Relieves heavy legs and lower back pain, joints aches and pain

Physiological Benefits of Prenatal Massage

• Increases blood and lymphatic flows
• Helps regulate fluctuating hormone levels and brings emotional hypersensitivity to rest
• Decreases the stress hormone levels (cortisol and adrenaline) that can affect the baby’s growth process
• Releases Serotonin also called the feel good hormone which calms down the nervous system and reinforces the immune system
• Releases Melatonin also called the sleep hormone which promotes sleep by calming the mind, improving the sleeping cycles and body regeneration
• Releases Endorphins also called the happy hormone which has a soothing effect on emotions and allows better management of stressful situations and relief of anxiety

Pregnancy Massage bondi junction

What to expect during prenatal massage

“One must massage a pregnant woman with the same care as if we were carrying a cup perfectly full without spilling a single drop”

Prenatal massage is a whole body massage with long and fluid effleurages, soft stretches, specific movements that bring balance and harmony to the expectant mother. The oil used must be a vegetable oil (organic is best) that doesn’t contain any essential oils or other chemical products. Pregnancy massage is performed mostly lying on the side with the aid of pillows, allowing total comfort and relaxation.

The recommended timeframe for prenatal massage is after the end of the first trimester, once a week during the second trimester is great, and twice a week or more, during the third trimester is wonderful.