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Daniele Bertelli, Remedial Massage Therapist

About Daniele

Daniele started his carrier in the orthopaedic and sport rehabilitation field as functional rehabilitation therapist in Italy after he completed a Bachelor Degree in Motor Science and Sport Rehabilitation at the University of the Studies of Milan.  He worked closely with professional athletes from a variety of disciplines such as swimmers, basketball players and cyclists since then helping to optimise their condition and performance. He also worked for many years as Postural Correction and Exercise Physiology Therapist treating scoliosis and spine and postural dysfunction.

He then graduated in Osteopathy in Italy at S.O.M.A. Milan and completed post graduate courses in High Velocity Low Amplitude and Muscle Energy Techniques, Cranial Osteopathy in Paediatric Field, Core Stability Exercise, Dry Needling (IMS), and a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

Daniele moved to Sydney in 2013 to expand his experience and knowledge in the health care and to have the possibility for personal growth and adventure.

Daniele has a particular interest in treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, including spinal and shoulder injuries, TMJ and myofascial dysfunctions through different techniques such as dry needling, deep tissue & sport massage, neuromuscular therapy, trigger points, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, MET and PNF stretching techniques. He uses all his skills in order to personalise his treatment approach according to the patient needs and to create a specific maintenance plan and exercise program that helps to maintain the effectiveness of the treatments.

• Bachelor Degree in Motor Science and Sport Rehabilitation
• Diploma of Osteopathy
• Diploma of Remedial Massage

• Australian Massage Therapy Association

Remedial Massage Bondi Junction

B.MotorSc&Rehab, Dip.Osteo, Dip.RMassage